Tips for excellent social media management

business MediaThere are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to a brand’s social media strategy. Here are the basic rules.

Be immediately responsive
If a social media follower has a question or a complaint, the worst thing to do is sit on your hands. We all know social media management is a job, but your fans and followers see it as a conversation. If you’re not responding to your audience, your brand comes off as lazy and uninterested. That’s no way to build a following.

Don’t be defensive if there’s negativity
If a fan is complaining or insulting your brand, it’s tempting to jump in and defend your livelihood. That’s one of the worst mistakes you can make. Obviously, respond to respectful criticism, but take a back seat when there is outright unwarranted negativity. Let’s face it; it’s going to happen. The best solution is to let your fans jump in and defend your brand for you.

Make sure they’re talking about your brand
Evaluate the landscape and observe how often and at what frequency your brand is being discussed. Are you staying relevant? Who’s your competition on social? How are you measuring up with fan communication? Answer these questions and fix your errors. Reviewing the landscape is an ongoing process.

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